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Monday, February 4, 2013

Blogger Spotlight: Kristen Lamb

You all get at least a two-fer this week, as I'll have to visit my "AA" this Wednesday (ISWG). lol

I'm really bad with my writer social media, and the past few weeks, I've just been terrible, so because I'm going on a cruise next week, I vowed to be on the ball this week. The first blog-linked tweet I clicked on today caught my eye, because it was titled "How Eminem Makes Me A Better Writer." I found it humorous, so I went to read the entry, and I got a whole different entry than what I expected!

Kristen Lamb expresses her love of good music no matter the genre, and she goes into detail how the medium of poetry has transformed into today's rap music scene. She also does an awesome job of tying in songs by Eminem and the stakes of characters in select novels.

So click that link down there, and also check out her book We Are Not Alone. If you're a writer, there is also a contest tied to her entry, so extra-check it out. ;)

Kristen Lamb: How Eminem Make Me A Better Writer

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  1. Yes - I love Kristens books too! They really helped me understand all this social media stuff! Just a pity it's so time consuming!


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