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Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Freeday Ramblings and News

So, I'm not working today. I have it set in my head that since I actually had something to do all day yesterday at work, that I'm going to sit here and play Hexatron Rogue. Because I'm a nerd, and the other secretary has not worked a full 80 hours for about 2 months now. At least I get Good Friday off next week. I love days off. This goes back to my boredom at this desk, but I've also been put on tasks that salaried people used to do, but I'm still a temp. Fortunately, I was encouraged to apply for one of those positions, so now I play the waiting game.

Good news that I can't wait for: my mom has decided to rent an apartment. She's fallen down the stairs a couple of times, and her knees aren't taking that well. Her new apartment is just up the street, and it's a one story, which she has wanted for a while now. This means, the house will now be mine, my sister's, and our cousin's. A salaried job would do us all wonders, as they work at "The Bullseye", and awful job for anyone who works there or knows anyone who works there. I actually said at 25 that I planned to move out by 30, but now my mom's moving, so I don't have to. Maybe now I can feel like a real adult. Plus, she's a LOUD morning person. I can't handle it anymore.

I've been adding more description to my fantasy WIP and editing it. I'm almost back to the end, and this time, I plan to acquire beta readers. I might even have my sister back on board after about 7 years. She has her Masters in English, and she always looks at my work without that family loving eye.

Tomorrow, we (sis and I) are getting paid to do a Zumba demonstration for a health fair. Our church has been chosen for a big health grant, and this is the kick-off for it. I'm about to start teaching Zumba again, and I'm so excited. I was nervous and tentative to teach when I first started a year ago, and with this break I've (involuntarily) taken, I miss it! It's something I really love doing, and I see myself doing it for a little while longer.

This post is almost not at all writing-related, but I felt like posting and sharing. Have a happy Friday!


  1. Have a happy Friday to you too!

  2. Sounds like some good changes for you, although of course it would be better if they came without your mother's fall. Enjoy the rumba!


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