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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Express Yourself: The Last Book

Happy Tuesday! Welcome back to Express Yourself, created by Jackie @ Bouquet of Books and Dani @ Entertaining Interests.

This week they asked what the last book we read was. The title to my post is a not-very-clever play on the last book I read: The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan.

This was actually the first werewolf novel I've ever read. I read The Last Vampire by Christopher Pike back when I was a teenager, then Fledgling by Octavia Butler, both vampire fiction. I happened to pick this up because...I was in the D's in the library? And the cover intrigued me? And I hadn't read a werewolf novel before. I hadn't heard of the author before.

But now that I have, I am in love. And already have the next book from the library.

The Last Werewolf is about (you guessed it) the last living werewolf, Jacob Marlowe, who has actually given up on living and plans to drink and smoke and wait for the hunter, who set out to kill him for eating his father, to come kill him. I'm not going to give anything away, because if you saw me reading it on Twitter, you know there was a twist that I should've seen coming and didn't.

Looking at reviews, some people hated it, and I've no idea why, unless they were looking for Twilight or something. It's very internal--Jacob goes through a lot of reflection--and reeks of the male species, lol. That's not a bad thing; it's a very masculine book to me. I enjoyed the principal characters, Jacob, Harley (who I imagined looks like an older version of Glen by his description), and Ellis (who I couldn't help but imagine looks like James Marsden mixed with Sephiroth). They were all unique and genuine. The dialogue between them was vivid and natural. The action was ACTION. There wasn't anything I didn't like about this book. I gave it 5 stars.

So if weres are your thing, add it to your Goodreads!


  1. Sounds like an interesting book. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That does sound like an interesting book. And it shows how important cover art is too :)

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