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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Express Yourself Weekly: Movie Me

Happy Tuesday!

Welcome back to Express Yourself, a meme created by Jackie @ Bouquet of Books and Dani @ Entertaining Interests, where they ask their followers questions to get to know us better!

This week, they ask us who we would want to play us in a movie.

Has an actress even been born yet to play me?! Oh, wait, yes, I can think of some. lol

I think (God, I'm going to butcher her name. Let me Google this.) Quvenzhané Wallis could do a great version of my 50% subdued 50% manic person. She seems like a feisty thing.

I might even like to see Amandla Sternberg (what's with these names lol) challenge herself to do it. The two movies where I've seen her, she's been a quiet, reserved soul. It would be nice to see her break out into all that is me.

And if ever there's a jump in time, I think Angela Bassett could play me very well. lol

What about you all?


  1. What about Viola Davis. She's awesome! And those eyes. You have beautiful brown eyes just like her. Actually, they're a lot like my mother's. In my movie, gads, I can't think of anyone. I wish for Tina Keeper, actress, activist, but she's more native looking than I am. Maybe a young, darker Tuesday Welds.

    1. Aww, thanks, I didn't think of Viola! <3

  2. Wow, you can tell I'm a Generation X-er, because the only one I recognize is Angela Bassett. :( I'm going to have to look up the two you mentioned. :) I'm sure you wouldn't even know mine! LOL. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Eva


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