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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

IWSG - This is Your Life!

I definitely almost forgot. Happy IWSG Day!

The Insecure Writer's Support Group was created long ago in a galaxy far, far away by a ninja named Alex J. Cavanaugh. hehe Visit his page and group website for the hosts and to visit or join the other group members.

I turn 30 in 17 days! That said, I had many goals and milestones throughout my life so far, so I thought I'd lay them out today so we can all look at them and laugh. lol

At age 5: I decided I wanted to have kids. O.o

At age 7: I wanted to be a firefighter, not in the future, but while I was 7. Go to school in the morning and fight fires by night. (So apparently, I wanted to be a superhero).

Also at age 7: I asked my Mom if I could go to Disney World, and she said "Some day."

At age 8: I wrote my first X-men based picture book. I also decided I wanted to be a writer and illustrator.

At age 9: I wrote my first song. It was about playing out in the field, and it was called "Out in the Field".

At 11: I decided I wanted to write horror. I'd seen Stephen King's It 11 times and was inspired.

At age 13: I had my first life-crisis because I was now a teenager. I also wrote my first contemporary fiction based off of The Outsiders.

At age 14: I started writing Backstreet Boys fan-fiction, some of which I adapted into my first short stories.

At age 17: I sang with my sister at a Talent Show, got rave reception, and decided I wanted to try to be a pop singer.

At age 18: I decided I didn't want to go to college and wanted to pursue singing. I also had the dream that became the then-opening scene to my fantasy WIP.

At age 19: I went to the University of the Arts' Summer Program for illustration, preparing to go to college.

At age 20: I submitted the first pages of my fantasy story to UArts' Writing for Film & TV program and went to college.

At age 24: I graduated from college! lol

As you can see, I didn't become a pop star lol, but I think I am finally ready to query that story. I can't wait to see what the next 30 years will have in store, but for now, I'll keep counting down the next 17 days. :) Also, still haven't been to Disney World. >:(


  1. Happy early birthday!!!

    Ah, yes, thirty. I thought I'd freak out when I hit thirty with all the, "what have I done with my life?" thoughts but they never arrived. Now, I'm almost 45 and wonder if it will hit me then. Probably not.

    Best of luck with your queries!!


  2. Hi Debra! I hope you plan something memorable for your 30th celebration. Yes, isn't it fun to review our lives at times and remember all those things we used to be so passionate about? Very fun. I hope your next 30 years are just as entertaining.

  3. Oh, these cracked me up! Backstreet Boys fan-fiction?? Too awesome. I think I wanted to be a singer before I wanted to be a writer. It's a good thing I changed my mind because I'm not that great of a singer...

  4. Funny! You should've pursued the superhero though.
    You're ready - do it.

  5. Ah, IT and THE OUTSIDERS! Love those books! And keep setting those goals and having those dreams - you never know what amazing things will happen! :)

    Madeline @ The Shellshank Redemption

  6. Those are some great goals and cute! You should definitely add Disney World to your list of things to go - you are never to old to enjoy it. :) Good luck with your new aspirations and happy early birthday!


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