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Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Freeday: New Bloghop!

Here I was, still lamenting that "Pour Some Sugar on Me" is allowed to play on my Classic Rock radio station, when I remembered that it's Friday, and I need to post, and I really have nothing to say besides DEF LEPPARD IS NOT CLASSIC ROCK.

Then, I got on blogger, and, "Oh look, a new bloghop!"

The ladies I usually talk about on Tuesdays have a joint blog called Cover Girls! In 2015, they're beginning a relaxed weekly bloghop. By relaxed, I mean you don't have to post every time. You just have to comment on their Fast Friday post with the link to yours when you choose to do one.

This is the link: It's a quick list bloghop, and you just have to list the 5 things they ask for. Hence, Fast Five. It's good for me, because of course, I do Friday Freeday, and sometimes, I don't have anything to say. Here are the topics below. I will most likely be doing the ones I highlight.

Jan. 2: Five Favorite Novels Read in 2014
Jan. 9: Five 2014 Adored Book Covers
Jan. 16: Five Most Anticipated 2015 Novels
Jan. 23: Five TV Character Crushes
Jan. 30: Five Favorite Authors

Feb. 6: Five Novels You Wish You Wrote
Feb. 13: Five Romantic Movies You Love
Feb. 20: Five Book Characters You’re Crushing On
Feb. 27: Five Top TV Shows

Mar. 6: Five Book Characters You Relate To
Mar. 13: Five Books You Recommend
Mar. 20: Five Best Writing Songs
Mar. 27: Five Movie Character Crushes

The ladies will post topics quarterly, so I will try to post them also. :)


  1. I saw this too and I'm excited! I love some of the topics but I probably won't do all of them, so it's great that you don't have to.

  2. You ROCK Debra!! Thanks for sharing this!!
    I'm super excited that you're super excited this blog hop. Thanks for joining us on this venture!!

  3. Looking forward to reading about these, especially about your favorite novels, romantic movies, and TV shows.

  4. Ooh, this bloghop looks fun, for sure!

  5. Aww! Thank you for doing a blog post on the Fast Five Friday blog hop!!! Much appreciated!


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