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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wednesday Words: Bloodchild and Other Stories

Good morning!

I got snowed in yesterday (FINALLY!) and as it was Fat Tuesday, I'm kinda not alive yet sitting at my desk at work. But that doesn't mean you all miss out!

Welcome back to Wednesday Words, where I share with you all a piece of what I'm reading using to pick a page and some lines for me to read. Last week, most of the books I'd put on hold in the library (like 4 of 8, I think) came in, so I have begun Octavia Butler's Bloodchild and Other Stories, 2nd ed.

And even though Goodreads says there are 224 pages in this edition, there are actually 214. I wonder how they messed that up.

So, there are 214 pages in Bloodchild and other Stories, and Random has 12, a page from the title story, "Bloodchild"!

There are about 28 lines on this particular page, and Random has chosen......................line 9.

Now the pipe could be turned so that one half slid around the the other and a rifle could be stored inside. This wasn't our only gun, but it was our most easily accessible one.

"Bloodchild" was a pretty weird story that Octavia Butler wrote to overcome her fear of those flies in South American that lay eggs in your wounds. I liked the second story, "The Evening and The Morning and The Night," better.

What are you reading this week?


  1. A story about flies that lay eggs in wounds? Ick! That just gave me shivers.

  2. Oh, yeah, don't know what the second story's about, but I think I'd like it better too! Plus, I love that title.


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