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Friday, March 13, 2015

Fast Five Friday: Books!

Happy Friday! Ohhhh, Happy Friday! *blubbers, holds Friday like a lost puppy* We thought we'd never see you again!

That aside, welcome back to Fast Five Friday, given to us by the Cover Girls, Dani & Jax! It's a very lax meme in which you can participate whenever you feel.

This week, they would like us to recommend 5 Books!

Here are the 5 that have changed my life as a fantasy writer, and I strongly recommend them for other fantasy writers.

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms (and sequels) by N.K. Jemisin

The Phoenix Unchained (and sequels) by Mercedes Lackey & James Mallory
*This truly was the first that ultimately showed me the kind of writer I want to be.*

Transparent (and sequel lol) by Natalie Whipple

Hereafter (you know what goes here lol) by Terri Bruce

A Game of Thrones (et. al.) by George R.R. Martin


  1. I've watched the Game of Thrones series - does that count?

  2. I've only read the first two GoT books so far. Guess I won't be catching up before the new season starts...

  3. I haven't read any of them (yet), but I'd love to start with Hereafter.

  4. Oh, gosh, I feel like such a bad fantasy fan now. I haven't read any of these! *shifty eyes* They all look great, though!


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