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Friday, March 27, 2015

Fast Five Friday: Movie Crushes

Alright, alright, alright (in my Matthew McConaughey voice), Happy Friday!! Welcome back to an installment of Fast Five Friday, brought to us by Dani and Jackie, the Cover Girls!

This week, we have shooting off our five favorite movie crushes! Let's see if I can stop at five. lol (After looking) Okay, FINDING five was actually hard. I was like, "What movies have I watched?"

Well, there's the Prince from Beauty & The Beast. lol Hey, even my mom was like, "Wow."

The sexy Michael Corvin from the Underworld series.

Capt. James T. Kirk time-warped world style from Star Trek. (Mainly because, well, Chris Pine.)

Louie from Interview with the Vampire. (Mainly because, I mean, BRAD!)

Jacob Palmer from Crazy, Stupid Love.

BONUS info: My cousin has a serious crush on Optimus Prime. hahahaha


  1. Fun list! :) I'm pretty certain a lot of people grew up loving the prince from Beauty and the Beast, haha...

  2. Ah! Louis! Love that movie :D
    I wanted to do this one but I really could only think of one. I just don't have crushes like a normal person.

  3. Optimus Prime?
    No secret, but mine is Kate Beckinsale.

  4. Serious heart throbs. I can sorta understand the Optimus Prime attraction too. Ya know, just as a fantasy thingy.


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