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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

20 Things

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone had a good Labor Day. I actually cooked. lol Nothing big, but just enough that there are leftovers. Yay.

So, this will hopefully be the last week I'm reading Cloud City, and I'm working on some #Pitmad pitches. I also joined a Facebook/Twitter group called #PitchWarriors, for those of us who didn't get picked for Pitch Wars. It's been a big mood uplifter and help.

So, to give y'all something more than an update, Heather Holden participated in "20 Things", a blog meme where you answer 20 questions about yourself. So I decided to follow suit. :)

How tall are you?
I am 5'3. Shorty!

Do you have a hidden talent? If so, what?
I like to do voice impressions. I can't do too many, but I try.

What is your biggest blog-related pet peeve?
Super long posts, especially on days like IWSG or A to Z, where they ask people to keep their posts short.

What is your biggest non-blog related pet peeve?
Ignorant people who speak before full understanding something. Or lazy dumb people. If you can help it, be smart. lol

What's your favorite song?
I have too many to name.

What is your favorite ETSY shop?
It's popular enough to have a question? lol

What's your favorite way to spend your free time when you're alone?
I try to do whatever I can because that's literally only one day in my week. But mainly, either play video games or watch movies.

What's your favorite junk food?
Chocolate! Or Pringles. I love Pringles.

Do you have pets?
Not at the moment. I'd love to get another cat or a puppy.

What are your favorite fiction and non-fiction books?
Does a medical dictionary count for non-fiction? I don't read any enough to have a favorite. Fiction, at the moment, N.K. Jemisin's The Broken Kingdoms and Kristin Cashore's Fire.

What is your favorite beauty product?
I don't have one.

When were you last embarrassed?
Oh my God, sit down for this one. So I'm in the Praise & Worship team at my church. We have a group on GroupMe to keep connected throughout the week. One day, I went to Miley Cyrus's Instagram page for some reason, and I saw this hilarious meme with Spongebob's face and a popular Big Sean song. It said UNCENSORED, "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, You little stupid a** b****, I don't f*** with you." I copied the link to show my friends on another Groupme account. Later in the day, while on both my phone and laptop, I copied a Google Drive link on my laptop to paste for my cousin in the Praise & Worship GroupMe (I should stop here and say my mom and aunt are also on this team). Forgetting that I had copied the link on my laptop, I hit paste and send on my PHONE, which had the Spongebob Big Sean meme on the clipboard. I. Was. Mortified.

If you could drink one beverage for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Either Yoohoo or Dr. Pepper. I love those drinks.

What's your favorite movie?
Forrest Gump, The Matrix, Amelie, Serenity, The Color Purple, the list goes on.

What were you in high school? Prom queen, nerd, cheerleader, jock, valedictorian, band geek, loner, artist, etc?
I was the quiet writing chorus geek.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
Definitely the Grand Cayman Islands. Turtle farms!

PC or Mac?
PC. Mac's okay, but eh.

Last romantic gesture from a crush, date, boyfriend/girlfriend?
An ex-boyfriend recorded a Backstreet Boys performance that happened during a football game for me.

Favorite celeb?
I don't know if I have one, really.

Which blogger do you secretly want to be best friends with?
Heather seems an interesting person, lol. And definitely Mark the Koop man.

We're apparently supposed to tag people, but I'm a rebel, so if you want to answer the questions, you may do so, and let me know that you did, so I can read your answers! =D


  1. Very cool to see you take part in this meme! :)

    I agree with you about super-long posts. I know I'm guilty of them occasionally, but I still try to keep them short and sweet, most of the time. Don't want to make catching up with blogs even more overwhelming for people!

    As for the embarrassing story...yikes, you're not kidding about that being mortifying. Sorry that had to happen to you! >.>

    And LOL, I kind of doubt I'm interesting, but thanks for naming me, anyway!

  2. Serenity! You rock.
    And short is cute. My wife is about that tall.

  3. I'm guilty of writing long blog posts, but I always try to cut, cut, cut.

    The only movie out of the ones you listed that I haven't seen is Amelie.

    I wasn't in chorus but I was definitely the quiet writing geek. ;)

  4. Yay for leftovers! My girl loves Pringles, but I don't. She thinks it's great she can eat them all. No favorite celebs for me either.

  5. Oh no! That would be my worst nightmare. Poor you! *pats on the back* ;) I'm not a big beauty products person either, but I will say I love lotion. I can't do without it. I have such dry skin, when I get out of the shower, I feel as dry as an old paper bag. Oh and chapstick! Gotta have that.

  6. I enjoyed reading your 20 answers. I may join in and answer since you didn't tag anyone. If I do I will let you know. It's nice connecting with you. I'm now following you on Twitter, but wanted to let you know that your link at the top - to Twitter is broken.
    OMG, I bet you were embarrassed. If only your mom & aunt weren't in the group.
    Take care

  7. Love your answers - and I echo so many of them - especially Serenity!! Have to go with Chai Tea, though :)

  8. I'm 5'3, too! And I love Pringles. In fact, there's a can sitting on the coffee table here... but it's almost 7 a.m. Oh well! It's never too early for Pringles, right? LOL


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