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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Current Manuscript: Save the Queen

My big fantasy novel that comes complete with a screenplay and soundtrack if you can create one of those image projectors that wire directly from the brain.

While I have sent what I feel is a good synopsis (Thanks again, Revo!) the query can...bite me to say the least. Shall we all rally together, hunt down the guy who decided they were a good idea, and beat him mercilessly? *Pitchfork*

So anyway, Save the Queen is a high fantasy paying homage to a series of video games called Final Fantasy. The title itself is the name of a weapon used in a couple of my favorite games from the series. And yet, it fits.

In a nutshell, the premise:
Ghuli, the Princess of a dead race called Crystal Bearers, has been safely hidden away for most of her life from the iron army that destroyed her home and continues to terrorize the continents. This army, the Contagion, has finally hunted Ghuli down. Its finding her initiates a series of events that in turn awakens in Ghuli the dormant powers of the Crystal Bearers. As she journeys to discover the origins and history of her people, she encounters someone who not only seeks revenge against her for past (or is it future?) wrongs, but who also controls the Contagion. Ghuli's journey becomes a struggle between what she knows and what is real; life and death; her protection and protecting the world.

Insert dramatic music.

It's a moderately dark novel...maybe mildly. I've always balanced on that line. One of those closet goth kids who likes to write about death and blood. Anyhow, that up there is the gist. I suppose my next blog can outline the main and supporting characters of the novel. I might even do it today. Work is slowing down.

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