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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday Words: Cactus Heart Press vol. 11

Happy Earth Day, Admin. Professionals Day, and WEDNESDAY!

As an administrative assistant, I am now stuffed with breakfast and presents (I didn't eat the presents), but that won't stop me from sharing with you all what I am reading this week!

This week, I'm finally reading the Speculative Issue of Cactus Heart Press, the edition in which you can find my short story "Origin"! I can't stress enough how much I love the tone of this press, and I'm so glad I was given the opportunity to become a part of it.

But enough about me! Using, I will choose one of the 155 pages in this edition. Random has 148.

LOL. That's the cover page for the Bios. Let's try 86.

That's better. The short story is "The Lies Trees Tell," and Kate mentioned this one in the introduction, so I'd been waiting to read it. A young woman ran into a tree, and the tree seemed to swallow her!

There are about 19 lines on this page, and Random has chosen.......................1. So here's the whole paragraph. lol

Alex had started to cry. She hadn't meant to, but the conversation had turned from one of Aunt Bev's charmingly silly Old World folktales to scary. And her dad was dead, and she didn't want to deal with this.

This was right after her grandmother told her that trees lie, and her father didn't escape them. It's a very interesting and eerie story.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Freeday Ramblings

Happy Friday!

I actually don't have a lot to say today, as far as I know.

Yesterday felt like Friday, so today feels like it doesn't truly exist.

I got toast crumbs in my Kindle. I had a microwaved egg for breakfast and am still working on the iced salted caramel coffee w/fat-free french vanilla creamer. Yesterday was Free Coffee Day at Wawa.

I weep for those who don't have a Wawa.

I queried two agents who have a 2-month waiting time. I want to be at least nearly-complete with my proposal before I query the third, the one who tells you to be prepared to submit those in case they accept you. I should probably look into marketing, but business stuff is so...I wasn't born with the wherewithal to care about it. Did writers in the past have someone who cared to do it for them? It's so foreign to me.

I'm thinking of getting another part-time job while I'm stuck in "This person is going to retire, and you'll get their job" Limbo. And when I think about it, I don't really want their job. I just want the 37.5 hours and benefits just in case the next president decides to take away the Affordable Healthcare Act without actually giving us a better option like they keep saying there is.

I actually feel like I--someone who almost never gets sick or injured--shouldn't really have to pay for a service I almost never use just in case I happen to need it in some nondescript day in the future, but...that's another rant.

A to Z is going well. I think I've already said how surprised/glad I am people like my simple theme.

I decided to jog/walk yesterday. My right ankle wants to know why.

I continue to declare that 2015 is my year. We'll see for what when we reach that bridge.

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wednesday Words: Cactus Heart Press vol. 10

I'm still reading during this A-to-Z Challenge! lol

Welcome back to Wednesday Words! This is where I use to show you all a piece of what I'm reading.

I have a few compilations I need to finish, one of which I discovered when Kate Sheeran Swed invited me to submit for it: Cactus Heart Press!

I immediately purchased Volume 10 so I could see if this press was a good fit for me, and I was not disappointed! It's probably one of the best places for my type of writing.

So, now that I'm finished all of my library books, I'm taking a break and reading these compilations.

There are 138 pages in this volume, and Random has chosen........................122.

The short story is called "Whatever You Can Spare," and there are approximately 21 lines on this particular page. Random has chosen....................line 16.

That's why people work, after all. If Tyson could break his bad luck, we'd be eating better than Hamburger Helper every night.

Ah, Hamburger Helper. Memories.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wednesday Words: Graceling

Happy Hump Day!

How is everyone doing with the A to Z Challenge! My colors are doing better than I thought they would. :-D

Most Wednesdays, I stop by to share with you a piece of what I'm reading using At the moment, I'm in the process of beginning to query again, and one of the agencies tells you to prepare a proposal just in case. In that proposal, you need to list your competition. I've never even THOUGHT of competition! So I Googled YA Fantasy novels and stumbled upon a few that I would most likely be up against.

So I put a couple on hold at my library and am now currently reading Kristin Cashore's Graceling. (Hey, and today's letter happens to be G for A to Z!)

People in this story have what they call a grace, which is a power of some sort. Some fight really well, some read minds, etc. Katsa, the main character, can kill. Yikes. These gracelings are marked by having two different colored eyes (something I actually use in my story, but not in the same way, but it's still so weird!). Katsa has started a protective council, and they've found themselves in a bit of a mystery. I can't wait to see whodunnit. ;)

Now, for the sharing. has helped me look through the 472 pages and has given me page..............391.

There are 20 lines on this page, so Random has chosen line.......................11.

She didn't want everyone talking about it and pointing it out and treating her this way. She loosened the neck of her coat and tucked the ring inside.

Ahhh, what are they talking about?! I have a ways to go, so I can't wait to see what's going on.

Reading anything interesting?

Friday, April 3, 2015

Good Friday Freeday: Musical Edition

A Good Friday to you all!

While I'm glad for the day off, in the Christian community, this is a solemn day, marking the first day of Christ's time in the tomb--I'm going to start calling it that.

It didn't occur to me until it was announced at my church, but we didn't have an Easter play this year because a lack of interest. Honestly, our plays are kinda blah, and our church's median age is probably 60, so that's understandable. I actually had an idea for one this year, though! Maybe I'll develop it for next year.

What it was was a musical about Jesus to many of the songs on the Christian radio stations I usually listen to. Hillsong and Kari Jobe have some great songs out right now, so I just thought I'd post my imagined set list for this play. For those who acknowledge today, and even those who don't, I hope it ministers to you. :)

Hillsong - Desert Song
Matthew 4:1-11 (Satan tries to tempt Jesus in the wilderness)

Hillsong - Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)
Matthew 14:25-29 (Jesus walks on water, and Peter comes to walk with him)

Kari Jobe - The More I Seek You
Luke 10:38-42 (Jesus visits Martha and her sister Mary)

Israel Houghton - Hosanna
Matthew 21:9 (The crowd meets Jesus as he comes to Jerusalem)

Kari Jobe - Forever
Matthew 27:45 - 28:10 (His Death through His Resurrection)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Insecure Writer's Support Group: Short message

Happy Hump Day! Happy April! Happy Fools! lol No, not so much the last one, but this is the day we writers all get together to share our insecurities and such. A big thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh, who I think I've finally beat in getting my post up first (he does his at like 5am or something) for beginning this awesome journey 3 years ago.

As it is April, the A to Z Challenge has started! I can't remember if I've put a badge up, but my posts can be found HERE. I have a neurosis about my blog count being skewed because of these daily April posts, so I moved them all a couple years back (useless tidbit for y'all).

I just want to wish everyone good luck with their challenge, with the contest season, with any stories you are submitting right now. You can do it! :)