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Monday, June 18, 2012

Other writings

Something brought to my memory that I have a Spanish-to-English short story floating around on Temple's website! It's based on the world's weirdest experience that I had with a stranger, and I added more to make it a surreal(ish) story for my Spanish class. Then, I was invited to submit the story for Temple's program "In Other Words." Sadly, I don't think they're doing it anymore, because the last edition was in 2010.

So here is the link to the main page so you can browse around if you like:

And here is the link to my direct story: El Celular

Also, back when I dabbled (badly) at poetry, I submitted two poems to this very open poetry forum, so here are the links to:

an excerpt from Chain of Haiku from a Rambling Cancer:

and Journal Entry from My Imaginary Lover:

Ignore the pen name; I was testing names for a long time. Ignore the tense changes, too, because I forgot to edit before I sent it in. Youth. *sigh*


  1. No!! Why did Alisa confess?! I actually think that's a really insightful short story. I've heard stories of how police basically force people to admit guilt even though they were innocent. Also, I (partially) speak Spanish so it was fun trying to read the Spanish part on the side :)

    1. Unless she really was going mad and made up the Sara character... hmmm

    2. Oh, now I'm not sure. Was she just going mad? (Sorry for all these comments :))

    3. hehe No, it's okay. You're reading mine as I'm reading yours! haha

      Yes, she made up the character. One of those Secret Window coping mechanisms.

    4. Woah, that's awesome. Shivers down my back, hehe! I loved reading that story.

    5. Yay, I'm glad you liked it. :D


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