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Friday, June 15, 2012

Webcomics to Read

I'm not even sure how I got into reading webcomics. I think I followed a link one day, and it took me to one, which led to another, and so on. Here are three that are a must-read, and if you have time, you may want to catch up.

The Abominable Charles Christopher by Karl Kerschl
Follow the travels of a bigfoot-like creature and the shenanigans of the animals around him. Updated every Wednesday.

Ellie Starling's Very Long Walk by Travis
A young tomboy gets thrown into a fantastical world that feels like a video game. Updated every Tuesday and Thursday.

Monster Pulse by Magnolia Pearl
A young girl with her head in the clouds gets accosted by a mysterious ghost-like monster, and what happens next is something you must experience to believe. Updated every Tuesday and Thursday (I think).

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