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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What If? Blogfest

So, man, am I a late entry!

I'm almost sure I was following Cassie Mae's blog, but if so, that means I haven't looked at my blogger for a good two months. That also means I just saw there is a contest happening this week! -_-

It is the What If? Blogfest, and the rules are as follows:

Think of your favorite "well known" fairytale and ask "What If…!"

Then, pick one of these four categories:
· Best Plot Twist
· Best Love Story
· Best Tragedy
· Best Comic Relief
Finally, write a scene(s) illustrating a new detail of the fabled fairytale that changes our perspective. 300 words MAX.

I love a good tragedy, so I decided to go for Team Tragedy!

Hopefully I have time to go read some of the other bloggers' entries, because LG Keltner's was really good! I started following LG from the last blogfest I followed. :D

And here is my entry!

 Thus With A Kiss...

This wasn’t happening.

The kind old lady had told him exactly what to do to wake Snow: find her, confess your love for her, then kiss her. Well, he had found her, told her he loved her, and kissed her, so why was she still asleep? Why wasn’t she stirring?

Charming’s stomach cramped, as though his breakfast had been sour and he hadn’t noticed. The air chilled his suddenly hot skin and made his head swim. The dwarves watching and waiting for their fair maiden to awaken all looked at him. They dried their eyes long enough to realize something was terribly wrong.

Snow had been asleep for weeks. The poison should have worn off by now, right? It couldn’t have still been on her lips. It just wasn’t possible.

Still, Charming’s next steps were his last. His legs grew numb and buckled beneath him. His head hit the mossy ground with a soft smack, and he looked at the frosted leaves above him, the white-gray sky, the dwarves’ faces once they ran to his side. Doc raced away to get his bag, and Happy started to cry all over again.

As his breath quickened and his heart slowed, Charming whispered, “Snow.”

His eyes closed, and just before he died, he thought he heard her sweet voice say, “Charming?”


  1. So was the kind old lady the witch sending Charming to his doom? No happily ever after with him. :)

  2. Mmm... duped by a witch parading as a kind old woman?
    Great job!

  3. Eeee! Romeo & Juliet? Terrific tragic twist! But please don't let him die, okay? :P

  4. Oh no!
    Tragedy indeed! Especially to have her wake up just as he dies :( So sad.
    Great entry! So glad to find your blog and have you as part of the fest!

  5. Hee hee, you're not as late as me. I'm last! I loved your entry! I'm getting round to as many as I can...

  6. I enjoyed your entry.
    But, Oh no it's a real Romeo and Juliet style tragedy. If only she could reverse the poison and kiss him back again.

  7. AWWWW. This is a tragedy :( Mine was late too, I just posted it today, hehee. Mine is Snow Whie, but it's comedy.... 50 Shades of Snow White :O

  8. Thanks everyone!

    SC, LOL, I'm on my way over to yours now. :D

  9. Well, I'm guessing the old lady was one and the same as a certain apple seller! In that case her plan backfired if Snow recovered... Nice job. That ending definitely felt tragic!

  10. Ah, a Romeo and Juliet feel. I love this tragic retelling. So nicely written too. :)


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