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Monday, September 17, 2012

Genre Favorites Blogfest

I need to get on the ball!

Alrighty, so I just learned of another blogfest, this one hosted by Alex J. Cavanaugh.  Here is what you have to do! There's less than a day left. lol

Post your favorite genre in the following categories:
Plus a Guilty Pleasure from one of these categories.

SO, my favorite movie genre might be action/adventure. I love a lot of movies, but no matter the subgenre (fantasy, sci-fi, etc.) If it has action, I almost always watch it.

My favorite music is hard, because I listen to almost everything. I do love my rock, though, mostly classic and bands like Kings of Leon and Foo Fighters.

My favorite book is another hard one because I've read many genres and don't particularly have a favorite...but I will go with speculative fiction.

My guilty pleasure would have to be movies because I'm not really ashamed of the other stuff. lol I sometimes end up liking those TV-kids movies, like the Cheetah Girls 2 and Rags. The ones with music incorporated into them. I can't help it. I'm a kid at heart. :)

Make sure you stop by Alex's blog and the others who have signed up for this. I think I'm #179 or something wild like that. Enjoy your week!


  1. Can't go wrong with speculative fiction. And the Foo Fighters are cool.
    Thanks for participating in my blogfest! 187 participants now...

    1. You're welcome! Thanks for stopping by. :)

  2. Going to the movies is cool - especially if you get one of those tubs of buttered popcorn. Now that's a guilty pleasure!

  3. Love Kings of Leon. Nice to meet you on this blogfest.

  4. Yay action/adventure! I love that exciting stuff. It was so much fun to read about your favorite things. Great blog hop! :-)

  5. The Kings of Leon. Love it. I think this is the first blog in a year that I have seen them mentioned.

    When I am at the theater, which is often, I don't desire to sit through a snoozefest, thus I enjoy the action/adventure flicks that keep my eyes wide open and also keep me guessing.

    Nice to meet you!

    1. Hi! Thanks for visiting. :) I love KOL. They have a classic-meets-current-rock fusion that meets all of my needs. lol

      I've seen a a little of everything in the theatre, but action/adventure keeps me on the edge of my seat!

  6. I love action movies... good, bad and in between. I was watching one of those made for tv kid movies with my niece on her last visit (Radio Rebel I think it was called) and I got a real kick out of it.

  7. I LOVE your guilty pleasure. I had kids (3 girls ages 12, 10 & 7) JUST so I'd have an excuse to enjoy movies like High School Musical. ;-)

    I'm #173.

  8. Hello, Debra. Thanks for sharing. As you can see I'm still working my way through the list. *wipes forehead* I like my music hard as well. It's very good to meet you. *waves*


  9. My daughter used to watch Cheetah Girls. It was fun. Nice to meet you.

  10. I definitely re-watch action movies, no matter the genre, more than any other genre. Comedies would probably be second.

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