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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

IWSG: Dreams and Well Wishes

Thank you, Alex, Tyrean, and Mitrhil!
Welcome to 2013! The world didn't end (and the Mayans didn't say it would, but people like to say that someone other than themselves were wrong, so whatever), and we saw yet another year where we're supposed to be flying around like the Jetsons and only just now have electric cars.

But at any rate, for those who don't know, the Insecure Writer's Support Group was founded by a ninja named Alex who makes you feel like you can take on the world just by blogging! The link up there will take you to a list of many other writers who come together once a month to vent their insecurities and/or kick them in the face for a month of relief and productivity.

With that said, welcome to another year where we as writers get to try again. By now, we may know the "rules", the definitive do's and don't's of writing, but we have also learned to learn what works for us because writers aren't made from cookie cutters. We're all different. We all have our own unique view of whatever worlds we have decided to type up or scribble down. We have tried to mold ourselves into another writer, one someone else has said or one even we ourselves may think is better than who we really are. Hopefully, we've gotten over that in 2012 because now we're in 2013!

May 2013 be a year of clear thinking, minimal procrastinating, and lots and lots of writing. Hopefully, we finished that one manuscript in 2012. Hopefully, we slaved over and succeeded in (sort of) mastering its GOD AWFUL QUERY (I didn't). If not, we can always try again. A few of our writer friends succeeded in getting published in 2012! Hopefully, 2013 will be our year to, you know, at least pick up an agent.

I say all of this in the third person to encourage myself as well as everyone else who had high hopes 366 days ago and acquired the lowest of doubts by the time they reached 2 days ago. Doubt is the greatest enemy of anyone with a dream, and I say let's dare to dream bigger this year! And if doubt tries to sneak in, we'll punch it in the face and lock the door to whatever receptor it found vulnerable.

You can be the best!!! (Sarah Braverman, Parenthood)

Hey, this is my 50th Entry!!!


  1. Hi, Debra,

    Nice to meet you, and thank you for stopping by my blog!

    I LOVE your enthusiasm and the face punching LOL. We all have doubts as writers, but WITH the help our community we will overcome our doubts and fears and do what we do best.... WRITE!

    ALL THE BEST for 2013!

    1. Hi, Michael! You're very welcome.

      People say I'm mean, so I try to channel that into violence that won't ever happen. lol

      Good luck this year!

  2. I'm with you on punching doubt in the face! I wish you all the best for 2013 :-)

  3. We can't mold ourselves after others - we can only be the best US.
    2013 is the year to ROCK, Debra!!

  4. Dare to dream bigger!!! Love that! Thanks! Happy writing and dreaming in 2013!

  5. Hope you have an amazing 2013. :-)

  6. Happy 50th!

    I feel like I'm doing okay at the writing thing. My synopsis for 'The Gnomes are Missing' is turned out okay so far, I think, and I've gone back to start revising the sample chapters to make them match. :)

    1. Cool! I feel like just when I think I'm done, I have something else to work on. lol


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