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Saturday, February 16, 2013

I was on Carnival VICTORY


When we (my sister, my cousin, 3 choir mates and I) landed in Miami, our friends were messaging back and forth about a Carnival cruise ship which had an engine fire on its way to Mexico and was stranded with no power for 3 days! Of course, they were worried because we had our phones off because of international rates. But we were able to tell them no worries!

The trip was for my cousin's 27th birthday, and she loved it. We went to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, and Grand Cayman. I have saved a trip that return to Grand Cayman in my Carnival account, and granted I have a new job by this summer, I'm going back next summer! I love turtles, and I want to see them again (saw them last year, but not this time because my sister and I..saw them last year. lol). Jamaica was interesting. I have a mild irritation of island men, but we stayed on the tourist strip, so we only really had to deal with aggressive tour guides. I had my first oxtail, which was good, and I plan to have more. We have a Jamaican restaurant in town. I wanted callalo (I still don't know what it is, but if it's good enough for Cliff Huxtable, then it's good enough for me), but our friend was on a scavenger hunt for free items, and by the time she found them all, our feet hurt too much to go back.

There really is nothing like waking up, not needing to make your bed (I don't anyway, but ah, well), and getting dressed, then going upstairs to eat food you've already paid for months ago, so you have no worries. To be honest, the desserts at the buffet were pretty bad, but everything else was great. I tried escargot and frog legs. X( The escargot tasted like a mushroom the first bite, but the second began to remind me that I was eating a snail. The frog legs were better, but a frog hardly has meat on his bones, lol, so there was a lot of cooked muscle. At least I can say I tried them now. X)

Now that I'm (slightly remorsefully) back home, it's Lenten season, so I get to fast off those pounds I gained on the boat. I also hope to kick back into editing full force and try to query off Save the Queen! I was thinking about it and Ruby a lot while I was sailing, so I know I need to work on them both, hopefully attain some beta readers...

Alrighty, well, I'm off to start my day! Good morning, by the way! haha

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  1. I thought you wee in the actual boat when I read the title of this post! But I reallllyyy need to go in a cruise again. The last one I went on was almost a decade ago (probably a little less). Cruises are fun :D


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