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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A PSA from AQC (Chat Series)

Good evening.

I was over-zealous in posting pieces of our chats in AQC, so I'm going to start from scratch and instead of give the chat, I will just list some of the important tips when moving into the business phase of publishing.

Reality of the time frame: the average time from signing to your book debut can be between 12 and 24 months. Major houses already have a set schedule, so you will have to be fit into an open slot.

Substantive edits are edits from your editor regarding anything from grammar to character/story development. Copy editing is more on the lines of proofreading and editing. You don't have to accept all of your editors' substantive edits, but it is a joint effort.

Publicists handle unpaid publicity, otherwise, the marketing department pays. Press releases, review outlets, and advanced copies used for review fall under the publicist.

Earning out means you get royalties. Selling through means being on track for another book.

The design department handles your cover design, font, and chapter headings and dividers. You won't have much say in these, but this department has far more experience.

It is wisest to give out advanced copies to people who will actually review your book. You want to produce buzz and word of mouth. Your publisher will also give away copies. Consider fellow writers, bloggers in your genre, and giveaways, but rely more on the first two.

Be sure to keep record of good reviews and blurbs provided by fellow authors that your publisher can use later.

This week's chat was hosted by historical fiction writer Sophie Perinot, aka Litgal! We have many established authors down at Agent Query Connect, so if you need help and aren't a member yet, sign up now! Our chats are every Monday at 9pm, so hurry before Monday comes back around. ;)

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