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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Express Yourself: Game Shows!

So, we're not going to talk about how mixed up my mind is, but Express Yourself is on MONDAYS, not Thursdays.

Express Yourself is hosted by Dani Bertrand and Jackie Felger, and this week, they want to know what game show or reality tv show would we like to be on if we could.

I actually had a chance to audition for Wheel of Fortune, when the bus finally decided to roll over to the Mid-Atlantic tri-state area! It was a dumb process, though. You had to sign up, and your name got put in a big Bingo-style rolling cage, and they picked accordingly. Even if you got on stage to play one round, you might not have made it to the audition part, which came at a later date.

I would also (if I ever built up the courage) like to do The Voice or (if I built up the flexibility and lost the awkwardness) So You Think You Can Dance. I love to do both, and watching them makes me want to sing and dance during the commercials. :)


  1. I sent in tapes for "Survivor" and would love to be on Jeopardy...maybe someday :)

  2. That's awesome. I used to love watching game shows as a youngster. I felt the enthusiasm, as if I were up there.

  3. That's awesome! You're a singer and a writer :) I always wanted to try Wipeout!!

    1. I forgot Wipeout! I'd totally do that!!!

  4. Jeopardy! or Wheel of Fortune would be my top choices. Problem is, I'm not as "quick" to come up with the right answer (er... questions) as I used to be. (Do ya thing they'd wait for me to come up with it? HA!)

  5. I chose Wheel of Fortune too! Lucky you getting an audition! So, you also have hidden talents? Dancing and singing?

    1. I actually only got the CHANCE. lol I didn't get picked to get up on the stage, sadly.

      The singing's not very hidden outside the blogosphere, but the dancing is quite. lol I wouldn't even call it dancing. More like flailing and spinning around.

  6. I love the show The Voice... well, mostly because Adam Levine's on it. :)
    Props to you for singing and dancing!

    Thanks for joining our blog hop! We're happy to have you aboard! You can post any day of the week. Dani and I try to post on Mondays to get the ball rolling, but sometimes, we end up posting later on, too. :)


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