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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mid-Atlantic Food and Wine Festival


Unfortunately, I was on the road, and then my niece needed the computer to do her homework, so I missed the weekly AQC chat. Thus, there is no PSA today.

To calm the masses who are now outraged and riotous with this news, here is a news video and article for the Mid-Atlantic Food and Wine Festival, which concluded this past Sunday with a Gospel Brunch in Wilmington, DE, and in which my choir and one of my church's other choirs sang. I haven't watched the video yet, so hopefully I get to later tonight.

Heavenly music goes down well...

This was the second year I pulled double duty, but we did get to stop and eat a few items. The lobster pot pie was awesome. I will mostly likely try to make this one day. I didn't get to try but 2 wines, neither of which I particularly liked. They must be sweet-sweet for me.

The highlight for me were the people who listened to us. A few ladies were just so full of energy and were two-stepping through one song. Even the servers at the Montrachet Wines table were dancing like we had just picked THEIR song (you know that song that when you hear it, you go "THIS IS MY SONG!"). It made me smile, and the strain of rehearsing and things were worth getting to see their excitement.

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