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Monday, April 8, 2013

Quick Update & A Scavenger Hunt/Cover Reveal!

Hi all!

Brief update to let you know what I'm doing with life. :)

If you're wondering why all's quiet on the Writer's front, the A to Z Blogging Challenge is happening, and I chose to do it. If you're interested about all things my life, slide on over to to catch up. Today is G, so I will have that up some time today. I will be talking about Getting old. ;)

One week from now, I will be participating in the amazing Terri Bruce's cover real tour of the second book in her Afterlife series: Thereafter! The first book, Hereafter was an awesome introduction into the life (of lack thereof) of party girl Irene Dunphy after she ran herself off a bridge under the influence of alcohol and her journey with a young necrophile (well, ew, not necrophile...necro-fanatic? I made that up.) who wants to help her move on to the actual afterlife. There are great concepts of every day life happenings, such as ghost cars in those HUGE spaces some people leave behind cars at a stop light, or ghost bars in places where buildings were torn down but nothing replaced it.

For the cover reveal of Thereafter, Terri has decided to do a scavenger hunt tour, where each stop will provide a line from the new book with a highlighted word. Putting all of the words together will reveal a big clue about the new book, and all participants will receive an excerpt of Terri's favorite part of the book! So be sure to check that out next week.


  1. Congrats Terri! I'm all excited for the reveal :)

  2. What a fun idea for a reveal!

  3. Necrophile - LOL!!! Necro-fantatic - I'm going with it! :-) Thanks so much, Deb - I'm really excited for this cover reveal! I can't wait!!!! I hope everyone loves the cover of Thereafter as much as I do. The amazing cover artist Amanda Kelsey set a high standard with the Hereafter cover and I wasn't sure she could match it, but I think she surpassed it! :-)

  4. It's A to Z crazy around the blogosphere! I'm still applauding all you who signed on. I can't wait to check out the cover! :)

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