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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Express Yourself: Writer Woes

Today's Express Yourself is (edit): What is the most frustrating/satisfying thing about being a writer? Not a writer, then pertain this question to whatever you'd like.

Thanks to Jackie @ Bouquet of Books and Dani @ Entertaining Interests for this weekly bloghop.

I actually just tweeted about this one as I was revising my WIP. One of my writer woes is probably a pantser issue: where is this story going?

As a pantser, I tend to know how my stories start and what the end will be. The middle and connections between come whenever they feel like it. I spent a LONG time trying to figure out why the antagonist in my story is coming for my protag, and when it finally hit, things came together so well.

Another woe is after all of this work I'm doing, will anyone see it? I just want people to see the vision as I envisioned it, understand it, and appreciate it. So I'm going to keep working at it so that this is THAT story.


  1. Your last woe is my current one. I have written books, made them into audiobooks, and it seems no one is reading, listening, or caring.

    We simply must believe in ourselves, persist, and try to spin a tale that is unexpected in its twists and turns with people for whom the reader connects and roots for.

  2. You know, this gives me a great idea for a blog post...

    For me, the biggest woe is when you know your characters need to go from Point A to Point B in order to advance the plot, but you just can't think of a way for them to get there. Usually it involves a whole bunch of sitting there and banging my head into walls.

    It's frustrating-- but that's just part of being a writer.

  3. I often have this problem, too. No matter how well I know the characters or general plot, it can be so hard to figure out how all the points connect sometimes!


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