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Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Freeday: Rainy Day Tunes

Well, I will have to schedule my posts the night before. My work browser now won't let me type in this box.

I hope everyone not on the east coast is having a good Friday. My town is flooded. We had to take a back road to detour our back road detour.

But that's not what today was about. Rainy days are a perfect day to cuddle up with a book, blanket, movie, ideally a person, and chill. Since I work Monday through Fridays, while I'm watching the rain through the vestibule windows, I love listening to mellow pop tunes. I have a Pandora radio just for it. Jason Mraz, Sara Bareilles, Ingrid Michaelson, etc. Yuna and Birdy are also on that list. Some wine and popcorn Olivia Pope style would make it a perfect day.

So, what are your favorite tunes on days like this? Days like mine, that is? lol And stay dry!


  1. IT'S MY BIRTHDAY! So I like this Friday :) I lovve rainy days though. I just sometimes listen to the rain instead of anything else.

  2. Flooded?! Yikes! Can't imagine what that must be like. It hardly ever rains where I live, so whenever it does rain, I like to listen to that instead of any music. :P


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