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Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Freeday: Throwback Thursday

Confusing, right?

But since I'm scheduling my post, I thought it would be interesting.

In my teenaged writing years, I went through a period of writing tragedy. In my suspense works, someone died. In my romance works, someone died. It got to a point that my cousin threatened to stop reading. I think she actually did, now that I think about it!

Now that I'm older, I do still lean towards darker, sadder tones, but I've tried to not kill any of my characters...for now.

As a writer, did any of you have a different theme than what you trend towards now?


  1. I was super into writing tragedy as a teenager, too. To be honest, I still am, but it's now much more balanced with silliness, heh.

  2. I wrote more contemporary teen and adult fiction in my teens and now I write fantasy/paranormal YA. Funny how things change.

  3. Ehhh... happiness? Hehehe. It's not that I *try* to write brutally sad stories (with hopeful, bittersweet endings, maybe?), it's just that I don't know - I can't write a truly happy story if I'm writing a new MS, I think. It's weird.


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