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Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Freeday: ???

I'm starting to not having anything to say on Friday...Sheesh.

So I guess rambling about writing is better than nothing.

I won't say why, but I'm so glad I'm old enough now to realize that how I used to write was so immature. College and revising really have molded me into a better writer to a point where I can tell when I'm not doing my best.

I do miss how I used to be able to write in multiple stories at a time. That's kind of slowed down.

I want to revive a lot of the stuff I used to write with my current knowledge, but I think it would involve *gasp* plotting.

I'm very happy for the people I've met through the internet who have agents! Hope that will be me one day before I'm thirty-five. Thirty is now too short a goal.

Not about writing, but there are a lot of TV shows I need to catch up on before they start up again, so maybe that will be my Saturday between reading and beta-reading.

City of Bones is available for pick-up at my library now, but I just started this other book, so I might just let it sit there and try again later.

My 30-day Sugary Free Drink ban ends on Tuesday. Had I started when I said I was going to, I'd be able to have soda on Labor Day, but as it goes, I'm bad at resolution-type deals.

It's 11PM (scheduled blog), so I'm going to turn to Family Guy and go to bed. Shalom.


  1. I know what you mean about writing multiple stories. I used to be able to work on several projects at once, but now concentrating on just one is overwhelming enough!

    I can also relate to wanting revive a bunch of old projects, but all that necessary plotting is scaring me off, too! :P

    Good luck writing and catching up with all your TV shows!


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