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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Query for #PitMad

Guten morgen!

So those of you in the Twitter-Writer-know are aware of Pitch Madness happening until 8pm today. You get to pitch your story in 140 (including the genre and category help), and a PARTICIPATING agent just may favorite your tweet, which is generally a request for more (it may vary).

Since I decided to throw my hat in the ring and saw that some agents come to the blogs to look at more, I thought it would be wise to post my query which I worked on live a few weeks back! So: SAVE THE QUEEN!


As far as Ghuli knows, she is the sole heir to the throne of a race massacred by the metal army the world calls the Contagion. She will learn her home was destroyed once before.

 Raised by a team of handmaids and watchmen who keep her from the army’s reach, Ghuli grows up swinging from willow trees and learning fairytales from lands near and far, but the ever present Contagion scours the world, destroys villages, and kills thousands searching for her. Sometimes it finds her. Forced to flee for safety, Ghuli tries to dream of the fairytales that once soothed her to sleep. She dreams instead of dark places and abandoned castles, of ghosts and worlds she’s never seen.

 At least, she doesn’t remember seeing them. She meets a wraith who controls the Contagion and seeks to punish Ghuli for betraying her in a time Ghuli can’t recall. She runs from this new threat and into her consciousness, lurching through time to help protect her body until she can reach a relic hidden among a land forgotten by most. The relic will not only mend Ghuli but show her what it was that destroyed her home the first time around. Once made whole, Ghuli can stop the wraith before the Contagion leaves nowhere else for her to hide.

SAVE THE QUEEN is a YA fantasy complete at 102,000 words.


  1. Good luck with Pitch Madness! Save the Queen sounds so dark. (I love dark tales, needless to say!) And wow, 102,000 words? Impressive!

    1. Thanks! I love playing with dark tones. I don't know why, I've always been like that. lol I think it's because I loved horror movies as a kid.

      Would you believe I actually cut it from 125k down to about 100k, then was asked for more detail? lol

    2. Wow, you cut that many words from it?! Amazing! I've loved horror movies since I was a kid, too, so I can see how that'd influence you. ;)


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