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Friday, January 24, 2014

Frozen Friday Freeday Rambles

Good morning!

It's 13 degrees where I am right now, and it's been colder the past couple of weeks. Delaware doesn't see many below 0 temperatures, so that the wind chill has been that way, they've closed the state a couple of times. That's not too big a problem when you're a state employee, but when you temp for the state, you don't get to put in vacation time to make those hours up. Fun.

Anywho, it is Friday, and I'm trying to build a hook that will get my query accepted by someone in the universe. Mike Anthony at Writer's Outworld has a great post on how the query process feels, so click on this phrase to read it. It sums everything up pretty well. Sidenote: Why do cats push things off of cliffs?

It is "71" degrees in this office, and that makes me wonder what the heat is on. *goes to look* 74. My jeans are cold.

I should do a post on the first 10 songs that come onto my playlist. The last song was Backstreet Boys "Climbing the Walls." The one on now: Led Zeppelin "Houses of the Holy". $5 says the next song is Beyonce.

Ack! People! I have to open the front window. It's about 20 degrees in the vestibule.

I picked a wonderful day to have to walk outside. Maybe the temperature will go up 17 degrees in an hour...? It can happen!

I lost $5. John Mayer "Wheel."

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Stay warm!


  1. IT IS SO COLD HERE NEAR CHICAGO AS WELL. It's been near 0 for almost the whole week; next week Monday and Tuesday, the highs are 0 and -2 WITHOUT windchill. What the heck.

  2. It's currently 10 degrees here. I don't exercise outside unless it's in the thirties. I hate the cold.

    1. I almost never exercise outside. lol I had to run an errand on my lunch break, though. I regretted it.

  3. It's even cold here.
    Backstreet Boys to Led Zeppelin? You do like a variety!
    You'd freeze at our house. The thermostat never goes over sixty-eight.

  4. It's cold here in Atlanta, too. Stay warm!

  5. I read the query link - so funny, especially that cat gif!! Yeah, why do cats love to knock things down? I hope you warm up soon. :)

  6. 13 degrees?! Yikes! I can't imagine what it must be like for the temperature to be that cold... (It's actually warm where I'm at. It's weird to know it's been freezing cold for everyone else!)

  7. This time in January is the warmest for years here in the north of England. I'm almost shocked that we don't have any ice or snow.
    Spring's not too far away.

    1. I think January is usually the coldest month for us. I'm used to us getting the most snow this month when we do get it.

  8. Good luck writing that hook! The first line of the book is usually the last line I ever write. It's just too hard and I like to put the hard stuff off for last!

    It has been cold. I think the temperature will say it's 70 degrees, but that doesn't factor in the draft that makes you cold.

    No idea about the cats. Maybe they have a lot in common with toddlers!

    1. I didn't really have a problem with the first line of the book, but the first line in the query so far has been make or break with me.

      It was in the 40s today, and people were relieved. It's Winter, people. lol It's going back down to single digits tomorrow. Brrr.


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