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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

IWSG: My Baby is Growing

Happy New Year!!

No, I'm not pregnant. Let's not even sit down to have a support group about THAT insecurity.

This summer, my baby, Save the Queen, will be 11 years old. Hopefully, I can celebrate that with an agent. lol I just remember writing out a dream I had to show my sister, then writing more to get into the Writing for Film/TV program at UArts, and finishing the first draft and the second, and so on. lol

Things changed I never expected to change: some of my characters, scenes are gone, scenes were born, etc. There is flesh to this tiny thing I had only wanted to write out to make sense to someone other than me. I can't wait to see her graduate. :)

This is a pretty short one, but join or visit the other 315 members of this awesome group created by the Ninja Alex J. Cavanaugh!


  1. Nice to hear I'm not the only writer out there with a long-gestating project. The novel I'm editing right now isn't quite 11 years old, but it's not that far off. I've given myself permission to make one last pass at it, then I'm going to set it aside to start something new. I'm not giving up, and will continue to shop it around, but I need to adjust my focus to keep myself motivated.

  2. Let's hope this is graduation year!
    My first book sat with me for almost thirty years.

  3. Yes, they do tend to grow up. I have a bunch of basement graduates. :) Fifteen + books finished, no agent, etc. I continue to work on them, and write new.

  4. Wow, eleven years is a long time. Wishing you the best of luck with Save the Queen!

  5. Happy (soon to be) Birthday SAVE THE QUEEN.

    Your post really reminds me of me. I had a dream around 15 years ago that I knew would make a great book. I tried writing it then, but I wasn't capable. It took about 10 years for me to find out I could.

    More than 100,000 words later it is in revisions.
    I wish you luck.
    Leanne ( )


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