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Monday, February 24, 2014

My WIP: Fantasy Betas

I'm bored, so I thought I'd pop in. :)

Tomorrow I go in for my second interview for a real position (last interview was my first in YEARS), and while I'm claiming 2014 will be Deborah's year financially, spiritually, and romantically (hey now), I need it to also be DEBRA'S year. I spent the last couple of years revising my fantasy WIP Save the Queen, and the last revision even came with a name change: The Crystal Bearer. My sister doesn't like it, but she also didn't finish reading it for me, so *sticks my tongue out at her*.

Even though I've decided to try to query my tribute sequel first (which entails, you know, working on the query), I don't want to all out give up on Ghuli's story, so I want to find betas for it. Hopefully, some of you who are reading this came from the tweet I will be attaching to this. Below is my latest query, with which I'm feeling more comfortable than I have with my prevoius query drafts. And if you're interested in being a beta reader, please comment or e-mail me: debramckellan (at) ymail (dot) com.


All that remains of the most powerful people on T’orre is Ghuli, and with a metal army destroying everything in its path to get to her, she feels powerless.

Ghuli’s parents sent her away from their land before the army destroyed it. With the ever-present threat in the back of her mind, she grows up trying to live life, mainly by swinging from willow trees and aggravating her watchmen. She reads fairytales of safer lands to occupy her dreams, but the closer danger comes, the more those dreams turn to dark, abandoned castles, to ghosts and faces Ghuli’s never seen. At least, she doesn’t remember seeing them.

Once separated by shipwreck and alone in the world she has come to fear, Ghuli discovers her dreams are more real than she desires. They are glimpses of a time that she has reversed. The price: her consciousness, the part of her that contains her memory and the control of her erratic powers, has separated from her body. Ghuli’s consciousness guides her body towards a rune called the Great Scroll, the key to piecing her back together and becoming more than just the protected. She can help stop the metal army, but another price comes with regaining her full potential. She must discover whether or not she is the reason her people were destroyed.

THE CRYSTAL BEARER is a YA fantasy complete at 98,000 words. It balances the line between dark and light tones and has a slight horror element.

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