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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Express Yourself Meme: Two for Tuesday

I'm here! lol Welcome back to Express Yourself Tuesday!
This meme is brought to us by Dani Bertrand @ Entertaining Interests
and Jackie Felger @ Bouquet of Books.

I missed last week, constantly forgetting to look for the autographs I have in my junkyard of a room. I have 5, but I remembered where 4 were, and they're also authors, so that's fitting. :)

We read Junot Diaz whatever year this was I was at Temple. lol He came and did readings, so I had him sign this. I should probably iron and frame it so it doesn't get messed up more.

This is an autograph from one of my best friends who published his first book a couple of years back, Christian Wynn! I won this in a contest. The Holiday Hotel was a pleasant surprise (I didn't know he wrote, some friend I am lol), and it's a great children's fantastical mystery. I plan on purchasing the second book: Cloud City very soon.

This was during my tenure at Florida State. I fell in LOVE with Robert Olen Butler! I was so excited that he could sign this before one of his classes. One more semester, and I would've taken his class! And probably been a stalker.

And this one is from Libby Street, who actually grew up down the street from where I live right now. My sister and I went to their first book release when we were in high school, and it was very cool.


This week, Dani & Jackie ask us what saying or catchphrase we use all of the time.

I'm a person of few words when I'm not blogging, so that's a harder question than I anticipated. lol I say "Booooo" a lot. Not as a ghost, but when I'm picking on my friends.

I still say things are awesome. I also say "neat," "cool," and "dude." I dare someone to judge me. <-- Actually, I say that a lot, too. lol


  1. Love those autographs! You'll be cherishing memories of meeting those authors forever. :)

  2. OOH! Love your autographs!
    I say boo, too... as in boo, that sucks. lol


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