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Monday, May 19, 2014

Thereafter Discussion Questions Part 3

Two more parts to goo! I've been answering the discussion questions for Terri Bruce's Thereafter, the second book in her Afterlife Series. It's a great book, and if you haven't picked it up yet, you need to.

WARNING: Spoilers.

14. Which afterlife myths did you recognize in Thereafter? How were the myths similar or different from the way you knew the story(ies)? Which myths were new or unexpected? What was your favorite part of the afterlife, as depicted in Thereafter?

Being a lover of plays, I noticed the chorus, which made me smile. The new take on the angels was interesting, especially being called nephilim. In the Bible, the nephilim are the giants, the children of angels and humans. The Lilith myth is a popular one I've heard, and the way Terri uses her (Easter Egg!) reminded me of Supernatural's take on her, Satan's favorite demon. The brownies reminded me of the langoliers in the awful TV movie, Stephen King's The Langoliers. I'll never see them as cute elves in brown clothing ever again. OH, and the hippos! I now have a mild fear of hippos.

My favorite part of the afterlife would have to be the creation of the animals from the origami. And being able to get things to the dead with, like, spiritual mailboxes.

15. Some readers felt that the version of the afterlife presented in Hereafter was depressing or bleak. How did you feel about the version presented in Thereafter—was it hopeful or bleak? Was it more or less hopeful than the afterlife of Hereafter? Which parts of the afterlife as depicted in Thereafter do you hope are true? Which parts do you hope are not? What would your ideal version of the afterlife look like?

If readers thought the afterlife in Hereafter was depressing, then I don't know what they're going to think about it in Thereafter. The people turning to sand at the riverbank? The Hungry Ghosts?? All people who gave up on moving. That's the most depressing existence during life, let alone after. I like the idea of having my own house in the afterlife. lol And I love Greek mythology, so I can't help but love the boat on the river.

16. What are some of themes in Thereafter, and how did these compare to the themes of Hereafter? Did any of these themes resonate more strongly with you than the others? Why or why not?

(Ah, compare and contrast. lol) The strongest theme is holding on to your old life when something else is in front of you. The difference in Thereafter, is that there's now also WHAT that something is, and for Irene, it's a greater purpose and responsibility. So it's almost a coming of age story.

17. Overall, did you feel that Thereafter was a hopeful or a bleak story? Did it have a “happy” ending? Why or why not?

I don't think I've ever read a more bittersweet ending. I cried when Irene had to leave not only Jonah, but everything she'd come to love in this stage of the afterlife behind. But then, she was finally getting on the boat, and she was doing it with Andras?! I cheered.

18. Did you have any favorite quotes or scenes from the story? What made that quote or passage stand out to you?

"He was not worthy of you."
"I know, but it hurts anyway."
The story of life.

19. Was the author fairly descriptive? Was she better at describing the concrete or the abstract? Was she clear about what she was trying to say, or were you confused by some of what you read? How did this affect your reading of the book?

I think I said this in my review, but Terri writes so clearly that you see everything like it's playing out in front of you. It made me feel like I was an active character in the book, seeing and feeling everything Irene did.

Alrighty, the final 4 questions are coming to you Friday! Or maybe Wednesday. lol This week!


  1. Great idea for blog posts! I'm glad Irene was able to finally cross. I really missed Jonah in Thereafter, and hope Terri figures out how to get them back together in the next book! ;)

    1. Thanks!

      I feel like that means he'd have to die, and I don't want that for him. :(

  2. Oooh, your post and your comment have made me think of a couple of more discussion questions:

    1. Under what circumstances would Jonah and Irene be able to end up together?

    2. Would knowing for certain that there is an afterlife make suicide/the choice to "cross over" more or less acceptable/comforting to family and friends "left behind"? Why or why not?



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