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Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Freeday: Don't Mope. HOPE!

Happy Friday!

I went to bed in a weird mood after watching a Youtube series that made me emotional about my own weird relationship (I waited til 30 to have 20-something issues), but I woke up pretty charged up for today. An hour before my alarm, too, but that's fine. I get off work at Noon! Whoo!

Last night, writer guru @Michelle4Laughs tweeted that one of the New Agent Contestants withdrew because they received an offer on their manuscript!

And this morning I read that @lararectenwald, whose story Lavender Marriage won the Adult Fiction award during this year's Query Kombat, received an offer of representation!

That's some exciting news, and a year ago, I would've been a little bitter wondering, "Why not me?" and not even read a blog post about someone else getting The Call. This year, I declared that it would be my year, changed my attitude (making into QK Round 1 helped immensely), started being happy for others, and also, instead of moping, hoping!

With query critiques finally beaten into my head to the point where I've finally gotten it (you don't know how to get it until you get it lol) and with a few final cuts and tweaks to my manuscript, I think I can say if not 2014, then 30 will be my year for finally saying, "Mom, I've got a book deal!"

Yes, she should probably be the first person I call. lol


  1. Great attitude. This will be your year!

  2. Yes!!! Hope is all we have - we can't lost that as well :)


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