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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

More Character Profiles: Brodie, the Scholar

Full Name 2nd Lt. Brodie, the Scholar
Nickname: n/a
  1. Age:19
  2. Gender: female
  3. Date of Birth: Year 1901, 3rd Month, 20th Day
  4. Hair color/style: course, dark brown hair, shoulder length; wears in braided pigtails
  5. Eye color: golden brown
  6. Accent (if any): none
  7. Height: 5'9
  8. Weight: 134 lbs
  9. Tattoos: an eagle soaring across her shoulders
  10. Piercings: none
  11. Scars: none
Personality Overview:
  1. Fears: being alone
  2. Childhood: she was spoiled as a child but was also very sweet and loving.
  3. Adolescence: she was a little more focused and knew what she wanted out of life no matter what her family wanted for her.
  1.  Books or Favorite music artists: She loves the history books, just hates writing them.
  2. Authors: Marka of Adamant City
  3. What are some of their pet peeves? She doesn't like being told what to do or people with short tempers.
  4. What sort of gifts do they like? She won't admit it, but she likes flowers.
  5. What is their favorite time of day? just before sunrise, when the birds wake up.
  6. Where do they like to spend their time? Brodie likes to take walks or go jogging.
  7. Favorite food? Favorite drink? Hot drinks, soft drinks, or alcohol? stew, black cherry seltzer. She likes cold drinks.
  8. Favorite animal? the eagle
  9. Do they have any pets? Do they want any? Technically her messenger eagle.
  10. What relaxes them? sparring or walking
  11. Do they have any bad habits? She's judgmental and can hold a grudge.
  12. What are some things that they don’t like? (least favorite food/drink, weather/season, etc). She doesn't like overly hot weather or food that's too spicy.
Resources and abilities:

  1. Where did they learn their abilities? Brodie's sisters taught her the histories and geography once their mother passed. She was battle-trained by Commanding Watchmen.
  2. Where does your character live? Why did they choose it, and how did they acquire it? How do they handle intruders (graciously? violently?)?  Brodie lives in the Eastward Village Temple. She was appointed the scholar there by her grandfather. As a watchman, she handles intruders with no mercy.
  3. What are some of your character’s more notable merits and flaws (including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etc.)? How did they develop? How has this helped or hindered them in the past? Brodie is very bright and cares a lot for people, but she's also too headstrong for her own good which gets her into many arguments.
  4. Do they speak more than one language? She speaks Sprityn, Crystalline, Luup-beti, and knows the Treesprite Sign Language.
Relationships and history:
  1. What is their family history like? How does it affect them? How do they feel about their family? How does their family feel about them? Brodie's father, a 1st Lt. Watchman, died in battle when she was 3, and her mother, from the line of scholars, died when she was 11, so her eldest sister raised her. She loves her siblings, but when she decided to join The Watch, she had a falling out with her eldest sister, and her distant family looked down on her. She doesn't care about them, but wishes her eldest sister would support her decisions.
  2. What were they like as a child? What was their favorite toy? Favorite game? Playmates? Brodie was a hyper child, always following her sisters and playing with her eagle. She liked to play with wooden swords and guns, playing Watchman with the neighbors' children.
  3. What did they want to be when they grew up? Brodie always wanted to join The Watch.
  4. Describe their best and worst memories from childhood. Best memory: Watching her sister paint her first mural. Worst memory: When their mother died.
  5. Do they, or have they in the past, had a mentor? What was their relationship with this person, and how has it changed since then? Brodie often listened to her grandfather's words of wisdom. Even after she joined The Watch, he never stopped giving her advice or sending her letters.
  6. What sort of education have they had? Do they want more? Brodie has the top education as a Scholar.
  7. Who is their closest friend, and why? What do they like to do with this person? Brodie's closest friend is her brother Donovan, and they send letters to each other back and forth, go surfing when they have a day off.


  1. She sounds like a really interesting person!

    1. Thanks! I have a soft spot in my heart for her.


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