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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday Words: Back to Gaiman!

Happy Humpday. :)

On Wednesdays, I use to pick out a page and a line of the book I'm currently reading/about to read so you can all see what I'm reading!

Yesterday, I finally returned to the library to pick up some books to read. lol I decided to go with Neil Gaiman's American Gods, the precursor to his Anansi Boys, which was my first Gaiman read about a year back. I'm excited to see how this book is, because I loved Anansi Boys.

There are 541 pages (ooh, an interview in the back) in American Gods, so Random, do your thing!

....................................Page 345.

There are 32 lines on that page, so from 1 to 32 I present to you...

....................................Line 14.

"Now, my mom's family were European Jewish," continued Sam, "from one of those places that used to be communist and now are just chaos..."

A very interesting line (my sister was explaining Communism vs. Socialism to me just the other day!). I can't wait to read this and more books by Mr. Gaiman.


  1. Now that is a good line. Sadly, I'm behind on my Neil Gaiman. I think the last I read was Stardust. But I'm told that his Sandman is being made into a film.

    1. That's cool! I often kick myself for not reading authors like him sooner. I'd always heard his name but never picked up a book!

  2. Haven't read American Gods, but everyone always seems to praise it. Hope it doesn't disappoint you!

    1. So far it hasn't. The visuals are awesome!


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