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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wednesday Words: Flight Volume 4

Welcome back to Wednesday Words, reading edition!

I put American Gods on hold so I could at least read the two other books I checked out with it. They're graphic novels, the 4th and 5th parts of a series called Flight.

Now, hopefully this works. Some of the stories don't have words. I could probably take a picture, but I'd rather give you all lines.

So, that said, there are 344 pages in Flight Volume Four. has chosen....Page 195...No words. I shall hit it again.....Page 254.....Almost....One more time....Page 323....

So, I'll just hit it until I get a page with words on it--AH, only had to do it one more time! Page 106 has a letter on it! Oh hey, I'm actually about to read this one, too. I give you a piece of "The Window Makers" by the series editor Kazu Kibuishi.

Hi Mr. Emery,

I made a window this morning that I
thought you'd enjoy. Get well soon and
see you back at the office.


There are scenes in each window, almost like a live painting. It's neat.

Does anyone else like a good graphic novel? The only others I've read are The Watchmen and the first volume of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?


  1. I used to read Bone. It was AWESOME. I still love it. I need to read Rose still.

  2. I'm incredibly addicted to graphic novels, and comics in general. No surprise, right? ;)


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