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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Insecure Writer's Support Group

Happy Wednesday, and Happy November! I hope you went out to vote yesterday. I did!

It is also the first of the month, so that means, INSECURE WRITERS, UNITE! This mammoth of a bloghop was created by the legend, the ninja, the guitar hero, Alex J. Cavanaugh. Visit both links for IWSG posts, hosts, and participants.

National Novel Writing Month has once again started! I was thinking about trying it again this year (I tried 2 years ago and failed miserably). I even had thoughts on what to write, but I'm helping my friend revise her first novel--an adult women's sci-fi--and am working on revising my own fantasy WIP, so I have to not bog my brain down with anything else.

For you all here, I want to post some inspirational quotes or memes. SOMETHING. lol (I just Googled "inspiration for writiers." Yes, Google, I did mean writers, thanks. lol SMH. It's too early.)

Buzzfeed has a great list but terrifying pictures of the people who said them, so I'm going to put the link here with some of my favorites from the list and let you stare at the people if you want. lol

"If something isn't working, if you have a story that you've built and it's blocked and you can't figure it out, take your favorite scene, or your very best idea or set-piece, and cut it. It's brutal, but sometimes inevitable."
--Joss (O Cap'n, My Cap'n) Whedon

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you."
--Maya Angelou

"Each writer is born with a repertory company in his head. Shakespeare has perhaps 20 players...I have 10 or so, and that's a lot.  As you get older, you become more skillful at casting them."
--Gore Vidal

"No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise for the writer, no surprise for the reader."
--Robert Frost

"If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it."
--Toni Morrison

"I know I was writing stories when I was five. I don't know what I did before that. Just loafed, I suppose."
--(teehee) P.G. Wodehouse

"A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people."
--(Say that!) Thomas Mann

"There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are."
--(HA!) W. Somerset Maugham

And finally:

"I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn."
--Anne Frank

Good luck this month, NaNobites! hehe


  1. Love all the quotes! They are uplifting, aren't they?

  2. I really liked Robert Frost's quote. So true. I could never to NaNoMo. I just don't have that kind of dedication (or organizations) inside me. Best of luck to those who do! I'm always impressed by them.

  3. Love all the quotes! I was going to try NaNo this year but I gave up on the first day. I suppose it's better this way because I really should be focusing on the book I've already written instead of failing NaNo for the billionth time.

  4. I've always liked Morrison's quote. I did just that!
    Still chuckling at 'writiers.'

  5. I always love Maya Angelou's quotes. She had such wisdom! And that Toni Morrison quote is one I live by. :)

  6. I am sitting here in a state of silly amusement over Thomas Mann's quote. So true. Wodehouse also said, when asked how he wrote, "I just sit at my typewriter and curse a bit..."


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