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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Express Yourself: New Years Resolutions!

Feliz año nuevo! It's snowing! :D

hehe Welcome to the first Express Yourself post of the new year! This bloghop is brought to us by Jackie @ Bouquet of Books and Dani @ Entertaining Interests, without whom I'd have had nothing to talk to y'all about for about 2 years now!

This week, they ask if we have any resolutions.

I really just have wishes this time around. I started heavily on my weight loss goals in December, first upping my exercise, and now incorporating better foods into my diet, so that's good. I definitely have to focus more on my duties at church, but I don't want to resolve to do that, I just want to do it.

I also didn't want to resolve to be published, because unless I was planning on self-publishing, the odds are 50/50. But I do hope this year I nab an agent. I think I've done an even bigger overhaul of my WIP than I ever have. I resolved sometime last year to give Ghuli more personality, and I really feel like I made her a believable person this time around. I really want to poke a company I submitted to a couple of years ago who really took the time to mull over my work and then let me know why they ultimately couldn't say yes. I feel like it might be time now to try again. :)


  1. Oh, Debra! We are in sync. I hope we both nab agents!!! That would be amazing!

  2. I hope you both nab agents too!!! Maybe putting it out into the universe is the first step!!! Congrats on the healthier living. xoxo

  3. Keep at the healthy eating!
    You can't control the agent, but you can control your efforts. Go for it.

  4. Ha, we have similar resolutions! I think it's good to not have getting published be a goal, since you never know quite how things are going to go and it could be out of your control. But getting an agent is a great first step to aim for!


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