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I'm Deborah. I'm a writer, currently seeking representation/publication for my YA Fantasy Fractured Princess

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Express Yourself: Apocalypse Now?

Happy Tuesday!

Welcome back to Express Yourself, a bloghop created by Dani @ Entertaining Interests and Jackie @ Bouquet of Books to share things about ourselves with each other. You can join the fun at either of their pages.

This week, they ask us: What is your favorite kind of apocalyptic scenario (natural disaster, zombie, alien invasion, etc.)?

This is an interesting question for me. Back before I turned 18 (had I known about the show I'm about to mention), I would have said the one where kids were left to rule the world. Being an adult now, that means I, too, would have died, soooo. The Tribe is no longer an ideal apocalyptic scenario for me.

I don't do anybody's zombie, so I suppose natural disaster would be the next best bet for me. I could survive at least a flood, I'd like to think.


  1. I'm still in love with zombie apocalypses. It's so much fun wandering around, thinking which places would be the best zombie hideouts! PLUS, unlimited access to any museum and mansion and castle you want! It'd be so fun. As long as I live, of course.


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