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Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Freeday Ramblings

Happy Friday!

I actually don't have a lot to say today, as far as I know.

Yesterday felt like Friday, so today feels like it doesn't truly exist.

I got toast crumbs in my Kindle. I had a microwaved egg for breakfast and am still working on the iced salted caramel coffee w/fat-free french vanilla creamer. Yesterday was Free Coffee Day at Wawa.

I weep for those who don't have a Wawa.

I queried two agents who have a 2-month waiting time. I want to be at least nearly-complete with my proposal before I query the third, the one who tells you to be prepared to submit those in case they accept you. I should probably look into marketing, but business stuff is so...I wasn't born with the wherewithal to care about it. Did writers in the past have someone who cared to do it for them? It's so foreign to me.

I'm thinking of getting another part-time job while I'm stuck in "This person is going to retire, and you'll get their job" Limbo. And when I think about it, I don't really want their job. I just want the 37.5 hours and benefits just in case the next president decides to take away the Affordable Healthcare Act without actually giving us a better option like they keep saying there is.

I actually feel like I--someone who almost never gets sick or injured--shouldn't really have to pay for a service I almost never use just in case I happen to need it in some nondescript day in the future, but...that's another rant.

A to Z is going well. I think I've already said how surprised/glad I am people like my simple theme.

I decided to jog/walk yesterday. My right ankle wants to know why.

I continue to declare that 2015 is my year. We'll see for what when we reach that bridge.

Have a good weekend!


  1. Did you tell your ankle why?
    Glad you didn't get egg on your Kindle.

  2. I like this conversational style type post! And what is a Wawa? And thank you for feeling sorry for me. ;) And keep believing 2015 is your year!

  3. How horrified will you be if I say I've never heard of a Wawa before? LOL.

    Also, good luck with all the querying! Impatient me would probably go crazy with that two-month wait, most likely, haha.

  4. WaWa is a gas station, at least here on the east coast it is!
    I came here from the A to Z Challenge and glad I did. Love your different style of posts and will be checking out Cactus Heart Press (never heard of it before).
    Hope your right ankle feels better!


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