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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wednesday Words: Cactus Heart Press vol. 10

I'm still reading during this A-to-Z Challenge! lol

Welcome back to Wednesday Words! This is where I use to show you all a piece of what I'm reading.

I have a few compilations I need to finish, one of which I discovered when Kate Sheeran Swed invited me to submit for it: Cactus Heart Press!

I immediately purchased Volume 10 so I could see if this press was a good fit for me, and I was not disappointed! It's probably one of the best places for my type of writing.

So, now that I'm finished all of my library books, I'm taking a break and reading these compilations.

There are 138 pages in this volume, and Random has chosen........................122.

The short story is called "Whatever You Can Spare," and there are approximately 21 lines on this particular page. Random has chosen....................line 16.

That's why people work, after all. If Tyson could break his bad luck, we'd be eating better than Hamburger Helper every night.

Ah, Hamburger Helper. Memories.


  1. That great that you found a good press.
    And I haven't had Hamburger Helper in years...

    1. Neither have I. My pop-pop always used to stock us up on it.


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