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I'm Deborah. I'm a writer, currently seeking representation/publication for my YA Fantasy Fractured Princess

I love to play Final Fantasy games and Shattered Pixel Dungeon. I also enjoy the many ins and outs of music (I'm a chorus geek).

Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Freeday: I'm in Nashville!

(Take 2. Accidentally posted this Monday haha)


If you're reading this, I've been in Nashville for an hour now! ;-D

Four of the people I call my friends and I are here to visit our very talented 6th counterpart, who is a Grad Assistant at Tennessee State. If you follow me on Instagram (1nOnlyDeb), any picture containing 6 dogs or cats are dedicated to us. lol

Anyway, he has at least one whacky event planned for us (family portraits in the park lol), and as we're all musicians, I hope we get to see the music districts (I imagine that's what they're called). I know we had BETTER stop at Zaxby's. lol

Have a great weekend, and congrats on finishing A to Z!


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