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Monday, August 31, 2015



Another Monday post? What?

This is the other of the two things that I mentioned in my last post that is happening today. I was tagged for the 7x7x7x7 blog post by Adriana Arrington. The basics are that you post 7 lines from your manuscript beginning with the 7th line from your 7th page. Here are more details on her page.

My 7th line starts in the middle of a sentence, soooo...but there's another sentence there, too...bah.

Their rustling was all that carried on the air. Cyan clenched his teeth and sighed.
“I don’t hear her anymore.”
Laris joined him and listened. “She may have wandered off.”
“She was supposed to stay on the road.”
“You know the Princess, my brother.”
“All too well.”
Cyan walked into the forest, leaving the road for the western trees.  

So there you go! :)  See you Wednesday for IWSG.


  1. Sounds like the princess is a rebel.

  2. The princess sounds like a handful. I like it! Thank you so much for your kind words and for visiting my blog.

  3. Hmm...are these good guys or bad guys after the princess? I'm intrigued! :)

    1. They're good. They're the ones who are (usually) protecting her. hehe

  4. A strong princess who can out run men. My favorite protagonist. WIll you post more?

  5. The power of a well-placed comma :)

    For a second, I was stuck, thinking the Princess was her brother :)

    It's late over here !!

    Now, I get it and she definitely sounds like an independent woman :)

    1. lol Ohhh, Mark.

      She pretends to be. She's just impulsive. ;)


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