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Friday, September 18, 2015

Fast Five Friday

Happy Friday! Thursday was extremely long, and I wanted to break up with it.

Visit the Cover Girls' Fast Five Friday page to participate. Don't forget to link your post in a comment to them once they post!

Last Friday, they wanted us to list 5 things we're looking forward to in the Fall. Fall's my favorite season, so this should be easy.

1. Cooler weather
2. Pretty leaves all changing color
3. Bonfires
4. S'mores
5. More reasons to drink lattes

Today, they want to know what 5 books we want to see turned into TV shows or movies.

Let me preface this by saying that the first Octavia Butler book I ever read, Dawn, is coming to TV! I'm so excited! Read about it here.

Warning: My list only contains 3 authors. lol

1. Graceling/Fire (movie)
2. Bitterblue (tv)
3. The Inheritance Trilogy (tv, so it can go on and on)
4. A Deep Green Sea (movie)
5. Mr. Spaceman (either, as long as the creators of Futurama do it lol)

What about you? I know some people get mad when Summer's gone, but do you like anything about Autumn? And how about books you'd like to see as movies or tv shows?


  1. I'm glad when summer ends - fall is football and cooler weather.
    Of course I'd like to see my own books as movies. Preferably not done by the SyFy Channel though.

    1. They'd be fine, as long as they don't include sharks or pirhanacondas.

  2. Fall's my favorite season, too! (I don't get to really see changing leaves in my state, though. LOL. Sounds like a nice thing to witness!)

  3. OMG, fall is my absolute favorite season! Summer's okay but the 100-degree temperatures keep me inside most of the time. I'm a huge fan of the Christmas season, too. Basically the only time of year that isn't my favorite is the bleak January-March time.


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