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Thursday, October 8, 2015

IWSG: A Day Late!

I went home allergy-sick yesterday, so I forgot to post! So Happy Over-the-Hump Day! It's time for another Insecure Writer's Support Group post. This group was created by the ninja Alex J. Cavanaugh, and it's gotten so big that it has its own website, book, and upcoming anthology! We post (normally) every 1st Wednesday of the month, and you can sign up to join us any time!

This is mostly a post about being grateful for another group I joined last month. It's the Pitch Warriors, people who didn't make the cut during Pitch Wars. We mostly talk on Facebook, but it's such a helpful and encouraging group, and I even received a CP who I hope will be with me for the long term (she's also got a GREAT story I can't wait to see published). I'm a super introvert, so I rarely do any of these contests or groups to make new friends and what-not, but this time it's really nice to be around people who were on the same boat.

That's all. :-D


  1. Sorry about the allergy-sickness! My own allergies have been out of control lately, so I'm not surprised yours ended up causing you to go home. *glares at allergies*

    That's so great about Pitch Warriors, though, and the CP, too! Hope this group continues to be fun and motivating for you! :)

  2. Great you found another group and a CP to encourage and inspire!

  3. No worries about being late!
    That's great they formed a group to support one another.

  4. You want late - it's Oct 11 and I'm finally getting around to reading posts and commenting.


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