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Monday, December 17, 2012

The Element of...AHHH!!

I know I'm silly. I can't help it.

To explain before I even begin, the first movie I remember seeing was Carrie. I may have been 5. My older sister used to watch Tales from the Crypt and loved Nightmare on Elm Street. I used to have nightmares of Freddy Kruger. I've seen Stephen King's IT over 11 times. I watch the Shining any time I know it's on. I loved the Scream trilogy (I didn't see the 4th, so I still call it a trilogy). I've even seen Trilogy of Terror (and laughed) and I think it was Brides of Dracula (and laughed. I'm laughing now, thinking about that bat on a stick).

I love horror movies. I used to read nothing but Christopher Pike when I was a younger teen. I went through a period in my writing where I was sure that I was going to be a horror writer, paranormal horror, contemporary thrillers, urban fantasy. I don't remember exactly when I stopped, probably around the time I got into fan fiction, but even then I think I had an element of thriller in my earlier ones.

In my current fantasy WIP Save the Queen, I returned to that touch of "Ahh, Jesus!" because it is something I grew up with and something that comes naturally to me. I like that although it is a fantasy, there are moments that can freak a reader out or make them nervous about what comes next.

A lot of non-horror movies are good at doing this, one of my favorites being Serenity. It's a Sci-fi movie, but every few turns, you had Reavers popping up, and what's worse than people who are 100% aggression, murder, and rape? Putting them in spaceships.

What's your favorite non-horror book/movie that has an element of horror?

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