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Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Freeday: Time Keeps on Slipping

Welcome back to Friday Freeday, where I do pretty much what I want to do, because it's Friday.

Since this was a short work week and a week where I had a meeting and to put together the minutes for said meeting (I love it), it seemed like the days flew right on by. Tuesday was magically short! I dreaded coming to this office, but the day was over before it began.

So, to commemorate, I thought I'd promote two great TV episodes that dealt with the slippage of time. Oddly enough, I also saw these episodes back-to-back, so it creeped me out.

Futurama S3, E4After being challenged to a game of basketball by the planet of the Globetrotters, Prof. Farnsworth creates a team of mutant, atomic supermen, but the side effects of their rapid growth endangers the universe.

Have I mentioned I'm a huge Futurama fan? After the movies, I sort of wish that they even stopped making episodes because the new ones just don't have the same great feel as the old ones. For example, "Time Keeps on Slipping." This was one of the moments that tied up a storyline from a previous episode, where Prof. Farnsworth discussed his idea of a race of super atomic monsters. Having created them, he needed subatomic particles (or something) to make them grow faster. Unfortunately, plucking those particles from space caused the universe to skip forward through time at random intervals. So jokes are delivered here through seeing the outcomes of what happened to the crew without seeing how they got there in the first place. Frye and Leela even got married, and we don't get to see why until the end! *cue Bender Harlem Globetrotter whistle*

Star Trek: The Next Generation S5, E18 The Enterprise gets caught in a time loop which always has one result: total destruction of the ship, itself.

I'm also a Trekkie. lol But I did have to Google to figure out exactly which time disruption episode of Star Trek I was looking for. I needed the one where every 15 minutes the ship exploded, "Cause and Effect". It isn't until the crew starts having moments of deja vu that they realize they're living the same day over and over, and Dr. Crusher puts a secret message in Data to help them not explode. It's a great episode.

If anyone else has a favorite episode revolving around time (Supernatural had a great one, *hint-hint*), leave a comment and tell me about it. :-D


  1. Love Futurama! It's been forever since I've seen that episode...

  2. Cause and Effect is one of my favorite episodes. And yes, I've seen all of them many, many times.


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