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Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Freeday: Oh, How I Miss You

Happy Friday! OH, HAPPY FRIDAY!

Today begins a special blogfest. Whose blogs would you miss if you were gone, and who used to blog that you miss? Name 1 to 3 of each.

I haven't been reading blogs that long, so I don't have anyone who I miss yet. So I might cheat a little bit.

I would definitely miss SC Author and his blue self. lol He talks about J.K. Rowling a lot, but that's the title of his blog. He has very inspirational and thought-provoking posts.

This is kind of a cheat, but these two ladies are two sides of the same coin, and they are my Express Yourself ladies, Dani & Jackie. They're best friends and bloggers, so they come up with fun things for us to do each week while sharing personal parts of their lives with us. My weeks would not be the same without them.

I feel like a lot of people will say Alex, lol, so I'm going to go with another great lady, and that's Cassie Mae! She's hilarious, and I love to see what she's up to. I would definitely miss her!

Thanks for stopping by, and a big thanks to our hosts for this blogfest! See you around the blogosphere. ;) Andrew Leon Alex J. Cavanaugh Matthew MacNish


  1. Wow, of all the blogs you linked to, I'm only aware of Dani's. (Shame on me?)

  2. All great bloggers you listed! Cassie is hilarious.
    Thanks for participating in the blogfest.

  3. Dani & Jackie are cool! Nice list of bloggers to be sure!

  4. Oh goodness! It's been forever since I've been to Dani's blog. Going to fix that right now. Thanks for sharing, Debra! :)

  5. Aww thanks Debra!! You are pretty amazing yourself! I would miss you as well. And thanks for sending David^ my way - it's been forever since we've chatted!

  6. Cassie is the best! But I'm not sure I know the others. I will have to check.

  7. I've seen Cassie on a couple of lists. She's a funny lady!

  8. YOU JUST MADE MY DAY!!!!!! Thank you so much :) You are awesome and I love your blog and hearing your thoughts as well XDD

  9. I'm all teary eyed! Thank you so much for your kind words. You rock! *hugs*

  10. Some good choices and some I don't know.
    Thanks for joining in.

  11. Yes, I can say emphatically that the Blogdom would be smaller and colder without Dani and Jackie. I put time into their Spooktoberfest not long after opening my blog and it was one of my better decisions. Which is good as I tend to make so few of those...

  12. Oh and as I'm here...Joining this blog. =)

  13. You guys are sweet. lol You're welcome, and thanks!! :D


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