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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Express Yourself: Characters Wanted

I stole that from USA Network. lol

Welcome back to Express Yourself, the weekly meme brought to us by Jackie @ Bouquet of Books and Dani @ Entertaining Interests.

This week, they ask us what our favorite character we've written or read is.

I have an archetype I've been using in my stories since I was a kid. I often attach the name Johnny to it, but it's been others, too. He's always a vulnerable, loveable guy who is slightly or extremely guarded because of some circumstance in his life. He's average height with shoulder-length brown hair and large brown eyes. He's had asthma, heart issues, mental health issues, and sight issues. lol I have NO idea why I always used this specific type to have these kind of problems. I'm trying to break away from him now.

One of my favorite characters I have read was Desi from Robert Olen Butler's short story "Help Me Find My Spaceman Lover" and his novel Mr. Spaceman. If you've seen Futurama, I have always pictured Desi looking and sounding like Kif but whiter. He was such an adorable character who falls in love with a lady he met while touching down at a Podunk (Wow, that gets capitalized? lol) Walmart parking lot. His mission: to tell the world there are aliens. They're both great stories.


  1. Podunk is capitalized? Who knew?
    Preston & Child's Agent Pendergast is my favorite character. Besides my own of course, Byron.

  2. The characters that you describe sound very interesting. I will have to check them out. When I write I like to make my characters somewhat vulnerable too. I feel that the underdog will always win someway somehow!

  3. As writers, I think we all have archetypes we return to over and over again. A bit of a comfort zone, if you will!

    And I've never read anything by Robert Olen Butler before, but I'm now intrigued by his character Desi!


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