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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Introducing: Wednesday Words


As I said, I wanted to start blogging on Wednesdays, so I figured out what I could do, and it's an easy one. :) Every Wednesday, I'm going to use to pick a page of the book I'm reading and a line or two and post it. See? Very easy, and you get to see what I'm reading as well.

I'm currently reading the fabulous Mindy McGinnis's Not A Drop to Drink, which you may know by now has a German adaptation AND was picked up for a movie! Add it to your Goodreads, and all that other good stuff!

There are 310 pages, excluding the title pages and such, so from 1 to 310, has given me...13. And there are about 18 lines on that page, so from 1 to 18...5!

Page 13, Line 5 of Not A Drop to Drink:

"Meat's too tough. You burn up more energy chewing it than you get from eating it."

Coyote meat is what she's talking about. Oddly enough, I reflected back on that sentence just yesterday while reading! I was wondering if I'd go ahead and struggle with the meat anyway or try eating a coyote pup, kind of like a deer vs. veal comparison. Ah well. As far as I know, my civilization's not going to crumble down to that point while I'm alive.

Thanks for stopping by! And see you Friday. :)


  1. What a fun idea for a blog post! Don't think I've ever heard of Mindy McGinnis before... (Shame on me? Heh.)

    1. No, you're fine. It's her first book. :) She's great people, though. I love her blog.


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